How to I build my contact list?

Before sending your first campaign, you must have at least one active list with at least one valid subscriber.

Go to Contact Lists.

If you have more than one list, you’ll see the number of active lists. Click on a list’s name to access the detailed information of the list.

Detailed information of the list includes the number of contacts.

We recommend using one master list for all contacts. Later you can create groups within that master list.

How do I add recipients to my contact list?

Click the Add Contacts button to add recipients.

You have the option to import a list as a .CSV (Comma delimited type file).

If you have an existing list, this is your fastest and easiest option.

Enter contacts one-by-one only if you have to add a few new subscribers.

Please note: You can only email a person, not a generic email. For example, emails will be sent to “jon.doe@” but not “info@.”

How do I prepare my first email?

To create a new email, go to the Sent tab and select Create New Campaign.

Give your campaign a name – this name is only visible to you, so make sure it is something memorable.

Go to The Recipients and choose your recipients – This will automatically pull from your contact lists and groups if you created any.

Enter the campaign details.

Select an email template – We have tons of great designs to choose from.

Make sure to generate an HTML (text) version – Some of your users will not be able to open images, so make sure the most important text is captured if the images do not load.

To access the text version, click Edit Plain. Once the text appears, you can edit as desired.

Is there a checklist of items I should verify before sending emails?

We strongly recommend that you triple check everything before you send your email.

Click on the Preview and Schedule button and proofread the email. Send yourself a test email to see what the user will see. We recommend sending to a friend or co-worker to help check for spelling and grammar. Be sure to send yourself the text version in addition to the html version of the email.

The test email will be sent immediately, or you have it sent at a later date. Check all general information before sending.

Campaign name – Is this clear and does this relate to the email content?

From Name and Email – Is the name entered trustworthy and recognizable to your recipients?

Reply-to address – Make sure this is a real email and there are no typos or extra spaces.

Email Subject – Check for typos.

The email body – Check that all links, images and special characters load correctly.

Preview email – We recommend sending a test to at least 3 different contacts to make sure the information displays properly.

Footer – Make sure there is an unsubscribe link.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription to emailpostcards.com?

Should you object to any terms and conditions of this Agreement or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with the Service in any way, your only recourse is to immediately (i) discontinue use of the Service and (ii) notify emailpostcards.com at admin@emailpostcards.com of your termination.